How To Get American Netflix In Australia


There are a lot of people in Australia who are interested in knowing how to get American Netflix in Australia. For those who are not aware, Netflix is a convenient one-stop-shop for all your television and movies. For a small subscription fee, you can get access to their video library. You can then stream and watch the show or movie of your choice.

Watching series on TV can be quite tedious and frustrating. Since the selection on air is varied to cater to a wide audience taste, you can’t always have what you want to watch. Even when you do get a programme of your choice, you have to wait between episodes. It can be very frustrating.

Netflix is very convenient in that respect. You can pick and choose what you want to watch. You can also choose how long you want to watch it for. It allows you to pick up from where you left off. In fact, the only restriction you may have is the selection of shows available. That is the main reason why Australians want to know how to get American Netflix in Australia.

What’s So Special About American Netflix?

Netflix was established in the US around eighteen years ago. It provides online streaming as well as DVD lending libraries. It was only recently that Netflix started offering its video streaming services in a select number of countries outside the US. One of those countries was Australia.

While sites like YouTube offer a huge variety of videos, Netflix is restricted because it does not show unlicensed videos. It buys the broadcasting rights of each and every title it lists. The problem is that broadcasting rights need to be bought by the region. It is not possible to buy universal rights for any movie or show.

Since Netflix is an American company based in the USA, it has progressively bought rights for a huge number of videos. Australian Netflix has not had the time to grow, and thus the number of videos available is much less.

The collection is slowly growing, but it has still left the Aussies wondering how to get American Netflix in Australia for its bigger list. For those who want to know, the answer is Unblock-Us.

What is Unblock-Us?

Unblock-Us is a VPN product that tricks Netflix into thinking you are in a different location. How it does this is simple. Whenever you connect to the internet, you are connected with a unique IP address that is dependent on your location. It is your IP address that tells Netflix where you are located.

Unblock-Us simply connects you to Netflix through an IP address of a location of your choice. Since Netflix is designed for travel, it will show you the listings of the country you select even with your Aussie Netflix account. Depending on what location you pick, you can change the Netflix listings available to you!

How To Get American Netflix In Australia?

This little service will answer your question of how to get American Netflix within Australia. It even offers a week-long free trial so you can see how much variety you can get in your television viewing. Watching television series will never be the same again after this.

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How to get American Netflix in Australia